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Stop The Violence

We have to stop the violence. Kids shouldn’t have to look over both shoulders wherever they go or worrying about will they make it to see 18. We need to get to a point where ours kids can go to school and walk the streets without being shot up, but this starts at home with [...]

How Do You Feel About Abuse??

I feel that abuse is super lame!! There is all kinds of different abuse. Young women grow up thinking that if a man hit a woman then that mean he loves her. That is a lie out the pits of hell!! If you love someone, you just don’t treat them bad. You will make sure [...]

“The Judicial System”

The system is designed to keep a person in it. The system meaning “The Judicial System”. The system is so messed up and full of crap. When a person goes to jail or prison they get a record. Once they get a record they are instantly judged. A record will effect you for the rest [...]

Having a Record Will Effect You for the Rest of Your Life

I’ve been going threw a lot lately trying to find a job. I’m an up and coming gospel hip hop artist that has to work while i’m pursuing my gospel career. Because of my record that I’ve accumulated in the past that I boast about many times in my songs as my testimony, I run [...]